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    Fine Garden Mulch

    We are now offering a fine mulch which is made on site, and is made from the very green waste we collect from our customers! This mulch is a finer shredded mulch and is great for garden beds to help them grow and thrive. This product can be delivered in our skip bins, and either emptied on site or left with the bin for a period of time. You can even order one of our mulch bins, empty it into your garden and then fill it up with whatever waste type you can pay for at the same time! Now that’s convenient, and your lawn wont get covered in mulch in the process.

    Between Edmonton and Palm Cove, we can deliver this product in 4m3, 6m3 and 9m3 lots for $44 per cubic metre delivered and emptied. If you want to keep the bin with the mulch, then have a chat to us about how that might be possible.


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